Let the WebDirections begin…

I’m pumped. I’ve just arrived in Sydney from my one hour flight from Melbourne. I’ve checked in and hooked up to my $30 per day internet connection and I’m putting the finishing touches on my presentation. I haven’t spent much time in Sydney but from what I can see it is a beautiful place. Tonight there is an industry meet and greet which I look forward to downing a few brews and meeting the locals. Sounds awesome.

During the process of writing my talk it has occured to me how much there is to writing software. My talk is targeted at Web Applications, but when all said and done, the same disciplines are required for web work as they are for all other application development. I was going to talk about RedBubble and why it was cool, but it was just a bit too specific – there wasn’t going to be anything concrete to take away. I concluded that a more valuable approach would be to convey (in a compressed timeframe) the a collectin of practices that make a group successful. I assume that the hard skills (HTML, CSS, coding, design) are being worked on because they are the most obvious, but the softer skill and the management practices are the skills that are harder to learn. So, in 50 minutes, I’m going to spew forth a collection of good practices with examples with a compresensive set of references. My hope is that I pique some interest and that the motived ones in the audience will pick up the battern and Go, Go, Go!

If you are at Web Directions please come up and say hello and tell me that you’re reading my blog!

  1. Sounds great! I look forward to seeing your presentation on Friday.

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