Column editing with Emacs

Emacs Column Editing from Mark Mansour on Vimeo.

My OS X lovin’ buddies love to point out how easy it is to manipulate columns in TextMate . But I’m old skool and I still love emacs . So to prove that column editing mode is a cinch I’ve put together my first screencast to demonstrate column editing mode in Emacs. Emacs ships with CUA mode which you need to turn on and then let the good times begin. Enjoy…

  1. Very useful! I think one of the strengths of emacs is the ability to call functions and send arguments as you showed with the autogeneration of a sequence of numbers.

  2. Colin Jones says:

    Very cool. I knew there had to be a way to do this in Emacs – I’m always using column mode in Textmate and Vim…

  3. greboide says:

    Thanks for sharing, i always used rectangle-copy-to-register C-x r r, but i was missing this free movement feature that this method provides, also the other things you showed are cool, congrats.

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